What Is Bone Grafting and When Is it Necessary?

What Is Bone Grafting and When Is it Necessary?

Bone grafting helps patients who have lost volume and density in their jaws receive dental implants. At Lawrence Dental Implant Center and Periodontics in Lawrenceville, NJ, your periodontists rebuild bone with excellent surgical skill and various grafting materials. Dr. John Lu, Dr. Raúl Figueroa or Dr. Kevin Marawski can tell you the details on your bone graft procedure.

When bone is lost...

Typically, there are several facial changes, most notably skin sagging, wrinkles and lines and receded facial contours. As middle age approaches, so does naturally-occurring bone shrinkage.

However, a bigger problem is tooth loss. Extraction or avulsion of even one tooth causes rapid bone resorption around the empty socket--a full 25 percent in just one year. It also explains that periodontal disease leads to deterioration in the alveolar ridge of the jaw.

Fortunately, if your periodontist begins a dental implant procedure as soon as possible in his Lawrenceville, NJ, office, bone recession halts. The titanium implant helps rebuild bone and to reinforce its volume and strength indefinitely.

However, sometimes patients do not have enough bone in their jaws to support dental implants. In those situations, bone grafts may create a scaffold for the body's own bone cells to rebuild and strengthen the jaw.

Kinds of bone grafts

Through careful oral examination, detailing your medical history and doing X-ray imaging, your periodontist will determine if you need a bone graft and what kind it should be. These grafts installed through a simple, in-office surgery at Lawrenceville Dental Implant Center and Periodontics:

Grafting materials work extremely well and are biocompatible. Given sufficient healing time, the graft strengthens, the material recedes and the natural bone increases in size and density. Your periodontist will determine when the graft site is ready to accept a dental implant.

Bone grafting is a wonderful innovation

Why? It's because it works. Bone grafts allow for strong, natural-looking and well-functioning smiles for people with damaged jaw bones and missing teeth. If you wish to know more, please contact Lawrenceville Dental Implant Center and Periodontics for an appointment with Dr. Lu, Dr. Figueroa or Dr. Murawski. Call (609) 896-0700.

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