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Periodontists are dental specialists who treat problems of the gums, connective tissues and bones. John Lu, DMD, and Raul Figueroa, periodontistsDMD, your Lawrenceville, NJ, periodontists at Lawrenceville Dental Implant Center and Periodontics, LLC, explain what sets periodontists apart from general dentists.

Specialized Training

Periodontists are dentists who receive specialized training after dental school. These dentists spend an additional three years learning how to diagnose and treat periodontic problems and perform dental implant and surgical procedures.

Gum Disease Experts

Gum disease can quickly destroy your smile if you don't receive periodontic treatment. If your dentist notices that you have pockets around your teeth, he or she will refer you to a periodontist. Pockets occur when a bacterial infection causes your gums to pull away from your teeth. This infection is not only painful but can result in tooth loss if it progresses to your bone.

Periodontists treat gum disease with a procedure called planing and scaling. During planing and scaling, they remove plaque and tartar from teeth and smooth them to get rid of bacteria. Periodontists also perform bone and gum grafting surgery if damage from gum disease is severe. Grafts replace lost gum and bone tissue and help prevent tooth loss.

Implant Specialists

Thanks to their training, periodontists are skilled in performing dental implants. After tooth loss, an implant is placed in your jawbone to replace the roots of a missing tooth. Implants look like tiny screws and are made with titanium, a lightweight metal that is compatible with bone. Over the course of several months, the implant bonds with your jawbone. When the process is complete, a crown is added to the top of the implant, allowing you to chew, bite and speak normally. Implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss, unlike bridges and dentures.

Are you interested in replacing a missing tooth, or are you concerned about gum disease? Call Lawrenceville Dental Implant Center and Periodontics, LLC, at (609) 896-0700 and make an appointment today. Drs. Lu and Figueroa, your Lawrenceville, NJ, periodontists, are committed to helping you enjoy good dental health.

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